How to Start An Email List for Photographers | {Why Most Email Lead Magnets Fail (And What to Do Instead?)}

How to Start An Email List for Photographers



Remember a few months ago when Facebook and Instagram were down all day? I sure do! It was a quick reminder that – we don’t own social media. Our followers and groups could all go away tomorrow. How would we contact our followers? This is 1 reason I’m a big fan of email marketing.

And a lot of photographers can get on board with the *idea* of email marketing, but the execution of it all can be challenging.

I mean… the LAST thing people want is more emails right? So, then how do you get people to join your email list?

Linda Sidhu is our guest on the episode today to talk about exactly that! She is a list-building expert who helps entrepreneurs create irresistible personality quizzes that attract hundreds of new subscribers on autopilot.

As a former top ten pharmaceutical sales representative, she had extensive training in personality types. She took the same methods that worked for selling products face-to-face and turned them into a personality quiz framework that converts views to leads at 70% and helps craft personalized marketing for her customers.


Why Most Email Lead Magnets Fail (And What to Do Instead?)

Meet Linda!

Tavia: I am super excited to have you here and to chat about lead magnets and email marketing. Like it’s something I could nerd out on for forever! But before we get into it, will you just quickly introduce yourself to everybody?

Linda: Yeah. Thank you so much for having me here. I’m really excited about this conversation because it sounds like most of your audience is at the beginning of considering email marketing and we’re just going to blow their minds today.

So I’m Linda Sidhu I’m located in Seattle, Washington, and I am a Quiz Creator. I create personality quizzes. So a lot of times I get people to ask me how I ended up here. And it was kind of a funny.

I was in pharmaceutical sales. That company hired the DISC Assessment to help us understand the personalities of our doctors. And so I did a week long training where I learned how to people read and understand different personality types. And then I spent 10 years working in pharmaceutical sales where I would sit in my car and be like, you know, “What is this doctor’s personality like?” And I would go in and in a way that made them feel comfortable. So I almost was like a chameleon, right?

And so I would show up in a way, build the relationship, and then when I thought it was appropriate, I would try to serve up my products or sell to them in a way that felt good with their personality.

So for example, if you’re a very dominant doctor, somebody who likes to call the shots, I was never going to be able to tell them to use my product, right? So what I could do is ask them where they would use my product, they would tell me. And then I would say, “Okay, great. Do you think you can try it on that patient the next time you see them?” It was a very seamless, easy sale.

And so I ended up quitting pharmaceuticals. Became a stay-at-home mom. And then when I went to launch my own business for email marketing, I had a quiz as my lead magnet and the quiz just took off. And the only reason I did a quiz is because it just made sense from all my personality expertise. And it just took off people loved it, it resonated. People started sharing it organically. And within 3 months, it was very clear that I needed to just hone in on quizzes and just let the rest of the email marketing go to other people who are experts.


Should You Do Email Marketing in Your Business as a Photographer?

Tavia: I love this so much! Linda, I have a question that I wanted sort of dive into, which is who is right for email marketing? Because with an audience of photographers, email marketing is one of the last things that they’re thinking about. Usually because they’re thinking about making connections with people in real life, in person. Does email marketing work for an in-person service business? Is that something they should pursue?

Linda: 100%. Email marketing is the number one platform to use to be able to communicate to your audience. It doesn’t matter if you see them in person or if you’re working online, it is the best return on investment when it comes to trying to offer your products, your services, and to be able to transition them into sales.


100%. Email marketing is the number one platform to use to be able to communicate to your audience. It is the best return on investment when it comes to trying to offer your products, your services, and to be able to transition them into sales.

A matter of fact, social media posts get like 4% to 6% conversion or something – I can’t remember the numbers – they were very, quite low. If you look at email marketing and do a search on Google, it’s at 40% ROI, and I can attest to that. I spent years trying to grow my Instagram account. And you know what? When it was said and done, the thing that worked was my email platform. It was doing emails. It might’ve taken a little longer to get the engaging, going with your clients, and get people to build your know, like, and trust factor, but I tell you, if you spend the time doing it, you’re going to get a better return on investment.

And the reason why this matters is because we don’t have a lot of time to continually work and post things on social media, right? When it comes to email marketing, you can write your emails, you can schedule them, and you can work on other parts of your business. You can also use that email to repurpose it and use it as your social media content. But it is the number one way to get a return on investment for your business and it’s the best way to communicate to your audience, hands down.



The Difference between Email Marketing and Social Media

Tavia: I love it. So what is it about email that’s different than social media? Because I think a lot of photographers are used to: I started my business, I post on social media. And so I just wonder what it is about email that builds that connection in a deeper way than social media? Do you have any thoughts about that?

Linda: I think what it is is people don’t have their credit cards out when they’re on Facebook and Instagram, but they do when they’re looking at their email. So the reason why it converts is people are used to paying for things and that’s a behavior thing.


So if you can get in front of somebody on their email, here’s the other thing: you’ve got the entire window. They’re not scrolling past you, they’re reading your entire message.


So if you’ve done the job to build your know, like, and trust factor, and you’re able to offer packages or products or your services, and you’ve had somebody thinking in the back of their head, “Yes, I want to hire her or him to do this.”

When it comes to email, it’s just a great reminder and they’ve got their credit card waiting for you. So it’s a no-brainer because you’re not competing with the noise on social media. You’ve got your own window on your own platform right in front of them.

Tavia: I love it. So they’re more likely to purchase from you. And it probably is like a little bit of a deeper relationship, right? Because if you’re showing up on somebody’s social media feed, that maybe they just happened to come across it. But email, you’ve been invited there. So it’s like a little bit more of a deep personal thing towards like, “Oh, Linda’s emailing me, which I’ve opted in for, at some point,” you know? Your friends email you or whatever. I like that.

Linda: It’s extremely intentional. There’s a girl I was working with on a quiz recently, and we were so intentional about her quiz title. It was for ADHD people. So the reason why we call out people who are your ICA is because we want them. And when I say ICA, I mean your ideal clients.

So this is a coach that’s working with people who have ADHD. And her quiz title was What’s Your ADHD Superpower? When people see that title, they’re either they identify with it or they don’t. And so when they’re opting in is because they want help with ADHD, correct?

If you’re very intentional, you can really hone in on your niche specifically with quizzes, but also other lead magnets.



How to Start Building Your Email List

Tavia: I love that. So we know now the value of building an email list and why that’s important. And so after you are like, “Okay, I’m in. I want to build my email list,” how do I get people to join my email list? What are some ways that people, in the beginning, try to build their email lists that may or may not work?

Linda: This is THE question I hear from my clients once they have the quiz or a lead magnet ready to go is how do I get in front of the right audience?


Identify Your Clients’ Pain Points

Tavia: Can I pause you and have you explain what a lead magnet even is?

Linda: Yeah! So a lead magnet is a way to get somebody on your email list and you’re offering value in exchange to their email address. And the number one way for you to come up with a good lead magnet for you is to reflect back and look at your ideal clients and try to figure out what’s their number one pain point. What are they struggling with?

So for example: for me, most of my clients, they know they want to do a quiz as their lead magnet, but they don’t know what type of quiz or what their name should be or what kind of quiz is best for their particular business.

So, I actually created a PDF download. It wasn’t a quiz at first, but when I first launched my business, it was a short PDF download, something super simple, where I exchanged a way to nail their quiz idea in exchange for their email address. It doesn’t have to be super crazy. Mine was just 4 tips on how to really clarify and nail your quiz idea.

And so it came straight from my ideal clients and their pain points, and the number one question I get from them. So you could do quizzes, you could do PDF downloads, you could do a checklist, you can do all sorts of things.

I mean, I actually have created 24 clever ways to grow your email list. I send it out to my audience every January, because I feel like that’s the number one thing people want at the beginning of the year. And I can always add them in your Facebook group too.

Tons of different ways to grow your email list. It’s not just with quizzes. You could do workshops, you could do webinars, you could do challenges, PDF downloads, checklists are super simple.

Tavia: I love that. One of the things that I did as a birth photographer was principal birth affirmations that were like coloring sheets. And so when I was trying to attract local moms, it was like, here are some PDF that I have a girl on Etsy create, Colorable Birth Affirmations. And so, I love what Linda said about really thinking about who is your ideal client and what’s the number one struggle, hesitation, or question they ask you or thing that they’re thinking as they’re moving into the next phase.

So we know what a lead magnet is. So let’s talk about how do most people build their email list.


Know What’s Comfortable for You (Based on Your Personality!)

Linda: It just, again, depends on you know, who you are as a person. I also do personality work. I’ve really nerded out in the DISC Assessment. I don’t know if your audience knows what DISC is, but it’s four different quadrants – your either Dominant, Influencer, Steady, or Conscientious. And this was the training I got in my pharmaceutical sales, which leads me to create quizzes based on four different personality types.

And when I think about each personality type, there’s probably multiple ways it’s going to work from one individual to the other. So to answer this question, I always say lean into your strengths. So for me, I’m an influencer. I like to have fun. I’m adventurous. I’m spontaneous. I try new things. I don’t actually perfect it, before I do it.

I also am very vulnerable. I make mistakes, I have failures and I showcase that. But if you think about the opposite personality to me, which is very conscientious, those people are very research-based. They love their data. They like to analyze, they overthink things. But they’re also a little bit more introverted instead of people oriented like me.

For me, it’s fairly easy to pitch myself on a podcast and to try to get in front of the right audience. For those people, it’s harder for them. But they’re brilliant when it comes to being an expert in their niche. So what they need to do is they need to consider ways that feels good with their personality and lean into those options. And those types of options are workshops, webinars, having a waitlist and discreetly asking people to join the waitlist. I’ve had people do quizzes. I’m working with a client right now. She’s way overthinking all the questions, which makes me realize she’s definitely a conscientious person, but she’s doing a quiz as well. And I think quizzes work for everybody.

Then there’s other personalities who are very people-oriented. And you’ve seen a lot of online summits these days, online masterclasses, being on podcasts – all that steps. Those are really catered towards people who enjoy being in the limelight. And they’re not afraid to have those big asks.

So I think in a way, depending on what lead magnet is best for you, I think you should just ask yourself, “What feels most comfortable to me?” Because if you’re going to do something that doesn’t feel comfortable, you’re going to run into some roadblocks and some hesitations that’s going to be hard for you to have the growth and speed the way you want it to.

Tavia: So building your email list could then start to align with your personality type. Like I’m a D, so I’m better off doing these. I’m an I, so I’m better off maybe doing these things because they’re more in my comfort zone or they’re like allowing my gifts to shine instead of stifling them. Is that what I’m hearing you say?

Linda: A hundred percent. I feel like everybody just needs to double down on their strengths, and if they have the extra money, to hire out the work that doesn’t light them up. I think that’s the best way to go.

And that’s what happened to me when I launched my business because I knew how hard it was to launch a business. I said, from this point forward, I’m just going to double down on my strengths and do what feels good to me. And then that way, I always feel like I’m in alignment. Because when I try to do something, that’s not my personality or not my strength, I find it really difficult.

And I that’s where the imposter syndrome starts to show up. And those types of behaviors and feelings will slow me down, which I would assume would slow everybody down to if they’re facing those battles as well.



Email Marketing Trends Today

Tavia: Email lists, like social media, I feel like, what worked 5 or 10 years ago maybe doesn’t work anymore. It just changes. And so what are you seeing with email lists these days? What is working with email list building, nurturing, all of that stuff?

Linda: That’s a great question.

I think what’s different with email marketing is you can personalize your message to the people who are in your audience.

So I see social media as a party, it’s super fun, right? There’s tons of people there. But when you look at email marketing, it’s more of like a coffee house conversation with one person. So if you can really think about email as a way to, and that’s why I love quizzes, is because you can segment your email list based on someone’s personality.

And for me, I’ve noticed that the people who usually hire my done-for-you quizzes are the dominant personality. Those are the fast action-takers. Those are the ones that love to take risks. And I love working with them because they let me do my thing. They know that I’m the expert in this and they trust me.

So usually when I work with somebody who’s Dominant, I give them two options. I tell them a couple of ways of how they can work with me and typically they’ll pick the done-for-you quiz. Now, the reason why I’m telling you this is now that I’m clear and I’ve segmented my list on who is Dominant, if I have an opening for a done-for-you quiz, technically, I could just email that segment and say it just with a one-liner, to be honest with you, and say, “Hey, I have an opening in March. Would you like to take this spot?” Okay. And then the fast action takers are going to actually jump on that opportunity because they’ve been thinking about it.

Crazy enough, I actually tried this a week ago when I did have a March opening that opened up and I had 22 responses to just literally like a nine-word email that says I have an opening. I kind of tested it out and realized the impact that it can make when you can personalize your email in that way.

Tavia: That’s so smart! I hope that you photographers are listening to this when thinking about like your birth photography availability, your newborn availability, your spring mini sessions – this could work. And if you’ve got them split up, like Linda said, and you know that you’ve got your dominant people, it’s like one word email: “I have one spot left for the sessions. Do you want it?” You know, and just see what happens. So I love that tip so much.



Powerful and Effective Quizzes

Tavia: So you keep saying quizzes and I have a general understanding of what a quiz is, but can you break that down from the consumer side? What is a quiz? Why would I want to take it?

Linda: So quizzes are interactive and they’re fun. If you remember back in the day, you know, the Cosmo quizzes or quizzes and magazines, everybody would take them almost as much as you would read your own horoscope, right? Everybody wants to know more about themselves.

And that’s why I love personality quizzes is because you’re adding value by giving somebody information about the services you do, but you’re also really stroking their ego as soon as they become a new lead and make them feel seen and heard and feel really good about their strengths as their personality.

So who wouldn’t want to find out more about themselves when they take certain quizzes, I think pretty much everybody does.

And honestly, out of all the quizzes you can do, I don’t know how many are out there – there are scored quizzes, you can do assessments, then there’s personality quizzes, and that’s where I focus. And those have the highest percent of where people actually want to click on and learn more. And again, it goes back because you’re learning something about yourself. So at a consumer standpoint, it’s a fun, easy way to learn more about yourself. And as a person who’s created the quiz, it’s an easy way to get somebody onto your email list that is actually your ideal client.

So when I talked to you about what’s your ADHD superpower, for example, when people see that quiz title, they either raise their hand and say, “Yep, that’s me,” or they don’t take it because it doesn’t resonate. I’m creating a quiz right now for midlife crisis. And so in the title, it’s 40 and above, basically we called people out who are 40 years old and above, and we say, what’s your midlife advantage? So we’re trying to flip the script and always phrase things in a positive way, because we don’t want people to view midlife as a crisis. We want to view it as a calling, right?

So when you see these quiz titles, you’re resonating with them or not, but oftentimes when we actually take the quiz, you’re finding out your strengths, you’re learning more about yourselves and you’re left feeling really good when you’ve taken the quiz and they’re super quick. It’s not like you’re asking your client to download a PDF and do homework in the afternoon. It is seriously like 8-10 questions, it’s super fun, and they become a lead, right?

The conversion rates are really high too. So if you are, you’ve created a quiz, I’ve had clients have conversion rates from seeing the quiz to becoming a new lead, at least over 40%, and I’ve seen him as go as high as almost 80% conversion rate, which is insane!

So there’s so many benefits in regards to quizzes that work for both people. And at the end of the day, when somebody comes on to your new list, you’re making them feel seen and heard from the beginning and people really enjoy that and they appreciate it.

Tavia: Ooh. So much good stuff in there. And I love like all the different weight. Like you’re making them feel seen and heard, but as the marketer, you now have like all this information about them to know, you know, for photographers, like what stage of life are they in? Are they going to have a baby this year or are they maybe planning on having a baby? I was just thinking about like all the different types of quizzes that photographers could make. So many different things that we could do with that you guys?

And then here, how to help them once they come on to your email list. And it’s like, this specific type of person needs this kind of content and start segmenting them. So good.

Linda: And honestly, when you’re pregnant, I remember when I was pregnant with my son and when I had him as a baby as well, when I would be up during the night nursing, I would take quizzes. I would do these silly stuff because it’s like, you’re awake and it’s the middle of the night. But at the end of the day, you can really hone in on a specific person. And that is really good because that’s where you get remembered and referred.

So you’re a specialist instead of just a general doctor. For example, if you are a dermatologist and you’re really specific to treating people’s skin, if you know somebody has skin cancer, you’re going to refer them to the dermatologist. But when you’re a general doctor, you see everything. So you’re not necessarily an expert in anything. And that’s why it’s important to really niche down and be specific to who you can help because people will remember you and they’ll refer you.

Tavia: Oh girl, you’re preaching to the choir here. When it comes to niching down, I feel like I talk about it so much that my people are like, “We got it Tavia, niche down, we got it!”



How to Create a Quiz

Tavia: There have been some questions that have come in and I want to answer those, but first I’m sure people listening to this are sold on quizzes. I still have never made a quiz and I have always wanted to. So what are my next steps? If I want to create a quiz, how do I get started with quizzes?


Nail Down Your Quiz Idea

Linda: I think the best place to start is try to figure out how to nail your own quiz idea, which would be my PDF download. And the reason why I created that is because I was doing strategy calls for people to help them figure out what their ideas should be. And so I basically turned to my 30 minute strategy calls and to this PDF download and people love this downloads.

You want to nail your quiz idea and go check out my free download, but really you just want to know like, who is your ideal client? What are they struggling with? And then really start to meet them where they’re at. And so when you can get clear on your idea, you can at least start on your quiz.


3 Mistakes People Make When Creating a Quiz

One is they write the questions out first.

You actually want to write the result pages out first, then you know what questions to ask so they can get the right result. You see what I’m doing there. So you have to reverse engineer.

You also want to keep in mind what your offer is, where are you leading these people? So that is a factor. That’s one of the biggest things you need to know. For example, Most people who hire me to create a quiz, they’re leading it to group coaching programs. They’re leading it to courses. I have one I’m working on right now, this leading it to just a discovery call, so she can actually assess, you know, do they need to do this assessment with her? Do they make sense to do a group coaching program? And so you can lead it to different ways that you really need to be clear on your offer.

The second biggest mistake is to make sure you have a welcome series attached to it.

So if somebody takes a quiz, they’re going to come in hot and they’re going to be really excited.

So it’s really important that you take advantage of that because they’re gonna want to hear more from you and they’re having fun. So it’s a missed opportunity if you don’t have a welcome series.

And in a welcome series, I like to have 5 emails where you validate the new lead. Well, first of all, the first email is their quiz results. You remind them of the results they got and then you kind of let them know, you know, welcome them into your community. Let them know how many times they’re going to hear from you and kind of set expectations in that first email.

The second email I like to validate the new client. So I like to go back to the pain point and just really tell a story about how you’ve been in their shoes, for example. So they feel validated, seen, and heard.

Then I like to introduce myself and tell them who I am like, well, there’s this girl behind the quiz. I don’t know if he realized it, but it’s me. And I share a little bit of points, fun facts, and I dropped some credibility.

And then in the fourth email, we try to give them a quick win. Whether it’s a podcast interview that you’ve been on, or whether it’s a 3-step process, anything that’s going to help them achieve results. So people say, gosh, this girl’s really given a lot of information. She’s amazing.

And then that fifth email is the next steps. What do you want this person to do? Do you want them to join your wait list? Do you want them to book a discovery call? So then there’s next step communication.

And then the other thing is when it comes to quizzes, you just really want to get clear on your title

…and make sure you’re calling in the right people, because you want to get quality leads, not quantity.

So those are just some ideas. And I also love using Interact. Interact as my platform of choice. And I do have a 20% off coupon code for anybody, I can give that to you. And it’s my favorite platform.

I chose that platform before they ever chose me to be a strategic partner. So I had reviewed and did different things, and it’s just an easy platform to work with.

Tavia: Man you guys, I hope that you go back and listen to the last 10 minutes. Because what Linda just said, I say this all the time on the show, there’s so much valuable information that we’re just like halfway listening to and being like, “Yeah, I should do that.”

But Linda just gave you like such a clear path for creating your quiz. Don’t sleep on that, go back and listen and take notes and like, pretend you paid a hundred dollars for this training. Well, how would you show up for that? You know what I mean? Get serious about it, because that is so, so valuable. And it’s something that again, is going to help you stand out in your market because not a lot of people are doing stuff like this and it would be so easy because most of you are your ICA or have been your ICA to get in their heads and know like what they would want to take a quiz about. So Linda, that was incredible. Thank you so much for that.

And please tell everyone, I will put everything in the show notes as well, but please tell everyone where they can download your guide to nail your quiz idea.

Linda: Yeah, the best place to go is So that’s my website. On there, you’ll see Nail Your Quiz Idea and then I also actually have a quiz on there too. But I think the Nail Your Quiz Idea is best for your audience because they maybe haven’t thought about a quiz just yet.

I also have a quiz on there that really shows their quiz to cash strategy. So it’s a way to align your personality. If you are thinking about doing a quiz or have done a quiz, how can you leverage your personality strengths to start promoting it? So I have two resources there.

And then I also have a Facebook Group, Quiz Creators. In there, that’s where I really show up in regards to social media. And I’m definitely going to be doing some incredible things in this group.

Actually in May, I haven’t told anyone this yet, but I’m putting together a masterclass series with over 10 experts. We’re going to take each strategy of a quiz and talk about it in 30 minute interviews. And it’s all going to be for free.

I’m gonna have prizes all sorts of great things to offer. It’s going to be in my Facebook group and then an opportunity to join as well. It’s like a secret podcast kind of thing that’s going to be coming out.

Tavia: That sounds amazing. Are you cool with hanging around to answer a few questions that have come in?

Linda: Absolutely.



How do you come up with the questions to ask? 

Linda: So with my personality quizzes, I come up with three different types of questions and there’s no rhyme or reason, it’s all custom and what makes sense for the client that I’m working on. But the personality questions are going to dictate which results somebody gets. So I try to have at least five personality questions in there, but I try not to make people think too hard, I learned my lesson that if you ask questions where you make people think, there’s higher drop-off. And you don’t want to do that because you want people to become a lead. You don’t want to confuse them and get them stressed out. So I try to keep it simple.

Some of the best questions to ask are ‘what three words best describe you?’ or ‘what one word best describes you?’ And it could be a word that really resonates, like passionate for example, is a great word to use for the influencer type personality.

Then I also like to add some research questions in there. So I like to know and really trying to gather insight on what you’re hearing. So what are people struggling with? I try to kind of put that in there so I can really gain some understanding of what I think my ICA is trying to tell me. This actually was in my own quiz.

I always thought people came to me because they wanted to grow their email list. But in the actual, my most recent quiz that I created for myself, I put different answers. And 50% of the people told me that the reason why they wanted to quiz was to drive conversion behind the scenes. So that’s something people weren’t actually telling me.

But when it came to the quiz and my research, that’s how they were answering it. So it was really interesting. So I actually use that information and I’ve written two emails about that to help with my group coaching program sales and different things. I use that to my advantage.

The other question I like to add is engaging questions. So these are like softball questions, super easy questions to answer. They actually have no reason being in the quiz, except for, I put them in between questions that might have some thought. So they’re there to get you to move along so you can become a lead.

“I have a large social media following, but not much of an email list. What’s the best way to gather emails when just starting out?”

Linda: You want to ask your ideal client, ‘What’s the number one thing they’re struggling with?’ And when you can answer that, you decide what lead magnet you want to create based on that.

So for me, my very first lead magnet was just a PDF download, Nail Your Quiz Idea, and I was able to get it up fast and it just worked. And actually it’s done extremely well because again I’m solving a problem that my ideal clients are struggling with. So if you can nail that, that alone is all you need.

Now you don’t have to get super fancy. Of course, I’ve done quizzes. I love quizzes. The reason why quizzes are so cool is because people organically share them. They have fun. It’s a great lead gen for Facebook. And the conversion rates are unreal, but you don’t necessarily need to do quizzes out of the gate. You could do something as simple as a checklist.

“If we focus on our ICA’s pain point, how do we flip it to be positive?”

Linda: I’ll just use me as an example. People come to me and they’re like, “I don’t know what to do for a lead magnet. I have no idea.” So basically I take that question and I answer it. I think that’s as positive as it gets. You’re giving them a solution to their problem. And that is why somebody would want to give you their email address because you’re solving their problem.

So in that you just need to write in a positive way, unless it’s something pretty sensitive. I’ve had a couple clients do a quiz on, for example, I did a quiz last fall for a woman who helps people when their husband betrays them. So it was a really sensitive topic. And we just had to be more careful to like always phrase things in a supportive, positive way.

But that’s why I love quizzes is because you can do that with the results. You can really make people feel seen and heard through experiences in different things.

The other thing that’s really good when you’re trying to think of positive things to say is to ask your ideal clients how they would feel if you were able to resolve their problems. So in my quizzes, I typically have a section where I’m trying to capture and evoke emotion on how they would feel once they get over the bridge and their solution is taken care of. And then after that section, I usually introduce who’s behind the quiz and offer a bio and next steps on how you can learn more.

So, if you can really capture the voice of your customers and try to figure out how they would feel once their issues were resolved, that’s going to be great language to use in social media posts, your lead magnets, emails that you write, sales pages and everything.


Talk To Your ICA

Tavia: Love it. So good. Thank you so much. This is so incredibly valuable. I hope that you guys in the chat will say thank you to Linda. And if you’re listening to this, make sure and check out her website, we’ll have it in the show notes. And that download sounds amazing. I’m about to go download it. So thanks for that.

Any last things you want people to know or where else they can connect with you and your Facebook group, Quiz Creators, where the awesome trainings and giveaways and all of that is happening in May. So y’all go check out her Facebook group called Quiz Creators, correct?

Linda: You know, just cause I’m dropping so much value, why not drop more? So one thing that I think has been extremely helpful that a lot of people will not do is really just talking to your ideal clients. It’s incredible how many people hire me that just don’t do this step. And they feel uncomfortable because they feel like they have to be the expert and they’re the ones that know, they were their ICA. Well unfortunately, you’re not your ICA anymore because you’ve passed that point.


So one thing that I think has been extremely helpful is really just talking to your ideal clients. It’s incredible how many people hire me that just don’t do this step. And they feel uncomfortable because they feel like they have to be the expert and they’re the ones that know they were their ICA. Well unfortunately, you’re not your ICA anymore because you’ve passed that point.

So it’s really hard to come up with their copy, but if you can actually do interviews and talk to people and ask them questions, for example:

  • What are they struggling within your area of expertise?
  • What’s holding them back from hiring you or working with you?
  • How would they feel once their problems were resolved?

You can actually take all that information and create content from it. And that’s how you capture their voice. And if you’re confident in what you’re doing and you put those two together, then it’s a lot easier to get people to want to work with you. So that’s my biggest, I guess, take home, take away is send the surveys, do the one-on-one interviews.

I even survey before, in between, and after I do my group coaching sessions, I’m always gathering, how can I make this better? Another great resource that I just did the other day is I do Zoom for my interviews. So I did, after my group coaching program, I met with people. They had the option to sign up or not. Some people did some people didn’t, but I met with about 7 students, about half of the people who were in the Quiz Lab, and we did exit interviews.

So I just asked them questions, like, how would you make this better? How was your experience? What was your biggest takeaway? And then if you go on Otter, you can transcribe all of that information. It’s all written out for you. And all that it took was me having the 30 minutes that I spent with the client and really it didn’t take too long to get it all transcribed. And now I can use all that information and be armed for the next time I launched that course.

Tavia: So good. Thank you. If you’re listening to this and you’re in Marketing School, we have an ICA survey that you can send. If you haven’t sent it in the last six months, do it again because it’s so true. Especially those of us who are done having babies in my community. And it’s like, “Okay, I remember what it was like to have a baby five years ago, but what is it like now?” And it’s hard to remember.

So go back and ask your people what they’re going through and what their struggles are today, because it might be different, like Linda said, then whenever you were in that phase of life.

So, so good. Linda, thank you so much, everybody is saying thank you. Such good information. I really appreciate your time. Thanks for being here.

Linda: Absolutely. This was so fun. Thank you so much for having.

So, how do you get people to join your email list? Well, you give them a good reason. I know this episode gave you lots of great ideas for growing your email list.

To connect with Linda and get the freebies that she mentioned in this episode today, check out the show notes of this episode and make sure to connect with her in her Facebook group called Quiz Creators. I am in there, so I’ll see you there.

If you’re enjoying podcast, please hit subscribe wherever you’re listening. And thank you so much for leaving the show a review on iTunes. Leaving those reviews helps the show reach more people. So thanks for doing that.

And my friend, if you have a passion, it’s not an accident. Not everyone loves the thing that you love. So whatever your passion is, I hope that you will get out there and make it happen. Have a great week.


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