7 Tips for Writing a Captivating About Me Page as a Photographer





Did you know your about me page is one of the visited pages on your website?

It’s where people go to learn more about you and what you do. Generally, potentially clients are drawn to you for your work, but they’ll hire you because of YOU. They connect with you, they see themselves in you a little bit or they just straight up really like you!

That’s why showcasing your personality on your about me page is so important.

A photographer’s about me page is often rushed or overlooked but this is a big mistake.

The truth is something like birth photography is an intimate experience. You want to connect with your potential client so they start to like you and trust you. You can do this with your “about” page!



7 Tips for Writing a Captivating About Me Page as a Photographer

1. Don’t be generic – be specific!

Just about every photographer’s about me page says something like “I first picked up a camera in 2015 and I feel in love with photography….”

Come on, you’re a photographer. People KNOW you love photography!


You have to get really, REALLY specific and polarizing to attract your ideal clients and repel the people who are not right for you.


How can you be REALLY specific and unique on your about page to connect with your ideal client?

  • What’s something you never leave the house without? (For me – it’s 3 drinks: smoothie, coffee and water!)
  • What’s your enneagram and how can you relate it to being a photographer or mom or relate it back to them?
  • What’s on your birth photography bucket list?
  • What’s something about the way you live that could connect you to your ideal client (like gardening, homesteading, not ashamed to have a house cleaner, something about your faith, number of kids you have, dog or cat person)?

Again the key with all these questions is to make them really really specific. Saying you’re a dog person is generic. Saying “you’ll likely find me taking my huskies on a walk so they don’t destroy my backyard” makes you more relatable to someone who also has huskies or big dogs. Hopefully you can see the difference!

One of my students decided she didn’t want to be super polished on her about page, because that’s not her in real life! So she cussed and used slang and got really specific about who she is. Guess what? She started to easily attract her ideal client AND got to be herself!!

2. Don’t use “we” if it’s just you!

If you’re a personal brand aka a 1 man show – own it!

I think people that using “we” is more professional, but the truth is when you own the fact that you’re a personal brand, it’s going to help you stand out!

3. Make it about the reader

Your About Page isn’t about you, it’s about getting the client to connect with you! Talk about yourself in a way that still makes it about the reader.

Use the “so what?” test with everything on this page. Ask yourself, “So what?” That’s what the person reading it is going to be thinking.

4. Write like you speak


5. Show your authority – brag a little!

Have you been featured on any blogs? Have you won any awards? And sprinkle in testimonials that talk about YOU and your personality.

I have one on my photography website from a client that says I started out as a stranger and now feel like a friend. This builds trust and authority.

6. The Anatomy of the About Me Page

This can be a more specific version or different version of your homepage hook.
Keep the client in mind. This is an about me page, but it’s not really about you– it’s about the client

Storytime about you (that’s really about them)
with photos (behind the scenes, headshots and/or photos of your family)

Fun facts about you
(the goal here is to get them to say, “oh me too!” and find some connection points with you.)

(consult, social media, lead magnet)?



7. Keep it scrollable

Avoid having a huge blocks of text. If you have something to say, keep it short.

If it’s long, make sure it’s interesting enough to keep their attention to read all the way through!


Can you repurpose your About Me content?

Your About Me Page can be repurposed into other forms of content. Take little pieces and use on social media, blog posts, and introductions when you meet other vendors.

Don’t think that you’re putting all of these work in your About Me Page and you’re not gonna have anything else to do with it other than living in its own corner in your website.



Writing your About Page is an evolving process. It’s not going to be done in one afternoon and it will change as YOU grow and change as a person and a photographer. Use the tips from this episode to have fun with the process and give yourself permission to do it imperfectly!


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