This is why I love coaching students and why I love getting coaching myself. It can be uncomfortable at times, but it is how we truly grow. Now when you listen to this hot seat episode, I want you to pay attention to the questions I asked her. You can ask yourself these questions too. […]


March 27, 2023

This is How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Making Progress TODAY!

Man, I have always kind of had a love hate relationship with mini sessions. You’re going to learn why in this episode. In this episode, I’m going to give you the low down on if you should offer minis depending on your brand, and if so, how should you position them? What mistakes should you […]


March 20, 2023

The Best Ways to Offer Mini Sessions as a High End Photographer

Why is it important to CLEARLY identify your ideal client? So we’re talking about ideal clients today, and I want to start off with a story about coffee.I have a love-hate relationship with coffee. I go from drinking it all the time to never drinking it. Right now, I’m drinking it all the time. Everyone […]


March 13, 2023

Here is How to Attract Your Dream Photography Client

Tavia: Welcome to Part 3 of this series where we’re taking your client stories, your client issues, your client questions, and we’re just sharing how we would handle these situations. Welcome back to this episode, Lydia. Excited to have you here. So if this is somebody’s first episode ever hearing your voice, can you give […]


March 6, 2023

Help! My Client Said THIS – What Should I Do? (Part 3)

Boost your Photography Income with Baby Plans Do you know the feeling when you’re in business, and suddenly everything seems to fall into place as if the missing piece has finally been found? That’s what happened to me in 2017. I was consistently booking birth clients and newborn clients, I was really profitable, I had […]


February 20, 2023

How to Offer Baby Plans to Hit $10k Months with Photography

This one thing can make or break your photography business As photographers, we all know there are a lot of things that go into getting ideal clients to book with us right? Things like our portfolio, our brand, our style, our reputation… these are all important and things we talk about often on this show. […]


February 13, 2023

Use the Unstoppable Power of Your Invisible Brand to Hit $10k Months

Welcome to part two of our series, Help! My Client Said THIS – What Should I Do? Basically, we’re taking your client horror stories, your client questions, and we’ll share how we (Lydia and I) would handle this situation. Article Highlights: Lydia: Hi, I’m Lydia. I am a coach in Marketing School and Tavia’s sidekick. […]


February 6, 2023

Help! My Client Said THIS – What Should I Do? (Part 2)

There is one thing that when done regularly, can put you in front of the right potential clients for free. It allows you to build trust quickly and even gives you endless content ideas for social media. And it’s something you can use time and time again to showcase your expertise and establish you as […]


January 30, 2023

Try These 3 Advanced Blog Content Ideas for Photographers

What’s the problem with giving too much discounts when you need a cash boost? Here is what this episode is NOT – it’s not a long term plan for your business. Just doing these things over and over might bring you some inquiries but chances are it’s not what’s going to get your business to […]


January 23, 2023

Easy Things You Can Do To Get Inquiries TODAY (Without Discounting)

I know when I say blogging, it’s just like a collective groan that goes across all of you guys. I totally understand, but I’m hoping that this episode is going to inspire you and get excited about blogging and everything that it can do for your business! While right now it might kind of feel […]


January 16, 2023

4 Effective Ways to Use Your Website to Book More High Paying Clients

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