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The Beauty in Birth Photography isn't "just a photography course...." it's a 6 module transformation process that will take you from an overwhelmed momtog to confident, certified birth photographer.

The Beauty in Birth® Photography Course & Certification

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Ready to get serious about your business and fill your calendar with dream clients? This is my signature marketing course that's taught hundreds of photographers worldwide the marketing system that allowed me to go full time with photography

Marketing School for Photographers

Give yourself the gift of education to hit the ground running this year!

signature courses here to serve your business!

The Courses

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Imagine having 2-3 offers in your back pocket that you can pull out anytime you have a slow season to make some quick cash! 

I’ve run this challenge in the past and students made anywhere from $700-$1300 in 1 week.

$1k in 10 Days Challenge


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Most photographers want to make more money, but how are you supposed to do that if you can’t figure out what to charge or how to confidently present your pricing to clients?

This course will teach you exactly what to charge and how to make your packages irresistible!

Profitable Pricing System


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Tavia is the most interactive, responsive & engaged instructor I've ever experienced!

Get High Quality Blog & Social Media Content That Has Your Ideal Clients Excited to Hire You (even if you're current inconsistent with blogging and don't know what to write about). 

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The Content Club

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Creating your client experience just got a whole lot easier. Get the client inquiry e-mails, the follow ups, the booking emails, reminders, what to expect, FAQ and the final delivery of their products.

Client Workflow Email Templates for Birth Photographers

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Don't waste time trying to do it yourself! Use these template to have your social media posts ready and your new inquiries handled quickly and professionally.

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12 Pre-Written Blog Posts (for Birth & Baby Photographers) 


What's Included:
  • 12 fully written blog posts (with a minimum of 600 words) delivered digitally via google drive
  • SEO optimized title (with multiple options per blog post)
  • Introduction, content and conclusion paragraphs, fully written.

12 Blog Post Topics will include content specifically for birth and baby photography clients (with topics on homebirth, breastfeeding, prenatal care, preparing for their session, 4th trimester and more)!

Hiring a copywriter can easily cost $50-$150+/blog post.


Ready to check "write a blog post" off of your to-do list? 

These 12 fully written blog posts were created specifically for birth and baby photographers who want to deliver high-quality content to their readers (not just fluff to have something out there).

You can finally be proud to share your blog posts!

Tired of editing at 2am every night?

Speed up the process and finally get the look you're after with the Lightroom Preset Collection for Birth Photographers

Accelerate your editing

The Presets

Enhance your birth photography and speed up editing time with these 8 classic black and white presets for birth photographers!

The B&W Collection:
Lightroom Presets for Birth Photographers 




The Color Collection:
Lightroom Presets for Birth Photographers 

Level up your birth images + speed up editing time with these 4 color presets for birth photographers AND 4 bonus presets to fix excessive grain, yellow casts and more! 



feeling stuck

Tired of feeling stuck when it comes to your business?

BEEN THERE. Done That. 

BUT YOU DON’T HAVE to stay stuck.

The power of education is getting to learn from someone else who has already been where you want to go, and paved the way for you to join them! Courses, workbooks and templates allow you a step-by-step process to fast track your inevitable success. 

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Photograph your next birth without looking like a newbie

Storytelling Guide for Birth Photographers 

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You'll get: A 35+ Page PDF to walk you through the moment you arrive at the birth to the moment you leave (so you never forget a shot you wanted to get), 100+ Photo Examples in the guide to show you how to get interesting images (even when there isn’t much going on at the birth), a printable checklist so you don't forget anything (plus more)! 


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The Model Call Process is a 3-part video training where I will take you by the hand through step-by-step & day-by-day for 30 days through the entire process to booking up to 5 birth photography clients! 

You'll get: printable calendar & timelines, workbook, copy to write on social during the model call, learn how to price your model call + my exact application page to copy for yourself! 

book up to 5 birth photography clients in 30 days!

The Complete Model Call Process


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Stop stressing about the "what-ifs" in birth photography and prove your ability to deliver a viral-worthy gallery by becoming a Certified Birth Photographer (CBP).

{this course includes the Model Call Process} 

become your area's go-to birth photographer

The Beauty in Birth® Photography Course & Certification

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This method is the exact way I got hired consistently by clients willing to pay my prices, so I could retire my spouse! 


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Build the right marketing system so you can make a full time income with photography

Marketing School for Photographers

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adrienne r.

"    The Beauty in Birth® Photography is the best course ever!!! It completely changed the game for me and my business!!

kylie p.

THANK YOU for this course! I walked into my first birth today with 100% confidence! Thank you for helping me follow my passion.

I'm finally confident!

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Brooke q.

I was able to walk into all my 2020 births with confidence. They were very low light, and I couldn't have photographed them without Tavia's course teaching me all about different lighting situations!

Highly recommend The Beauty in Birth® Photography. 

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