6 Exciting Predictions for Every Photographer in 2023

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Happy New Year friends! I hope your 2023 is off to an incredible start and that you’re feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after the holidays to get after your big business goals this year!

Why Do Predictions Matter?

Well, just like our world – photography is a rapidly changing industry!

I want to back up a bit a look at – why do predictions matter? Why listen to an episode like this? The truth is, and I’m totally guilty of this, a lot of us get kind of stuck in our ways. New trends, new styles, new gear pops up, and we’re used to doing things a certain way, so we just stick to it without looking at other options.

But the truth is, those who adapt to changes in ANY industry are the ones who see the most success.

Think about the photographers who switched to digital cameras in 2010 versus those who stuck with film.

Or those who were using fax machines instead of email in the early 2000s…..

Staying informed about predictions as a photographer can help you know what’s happening in your field and know if it’s time to stay the course or mix things up a little.

6 Exciting Predictions for Every Photographer in 2023

I want to share with you my 6 predictions for where the industry is headed. Some of these may seem far-fetched, but all of them are based on current trends that I’ve been noticing and things I’ve been researching in preparation for this episode.

So whether you’re full time or you’re a hobbyist – I know you’ll find some great takeaways from this episode.

1. More Photographers Will Save Time Using AI Image Editing for Their Sessions

Last year in my 2022 predictions, we talked about AI (artifical intelligence) and how services like Jasper.AI are helping content creators, web developers and a lot of industries use AI to create content. And now here we are with these fancy robots getting super specific to photographers.

There are many ways now you can use AI to actually edit your images for you, literally with the click of a button AND you can train the AI to edit in your style.

(YEAH, I KNOW RIGHT! Robots are taking over for real yall!!)

Just imagine how much time you’d save if AI could accurately edit your photos for you.

Imagen-AI says it could cut down your editing time by more than 75% – meaning if you normally take 2 hours to edit a session, you could have it done in 30 minutes. Crazy right?!

If you’ve listened to this show for any length of time, you know I’ve been outsourcing my editing for years and I recommend that for a lot of you too. Editing is the thing that sucks up the most time for photographers, by far. Imagine how much time you’d have to work on marketing and shooting and just time with your family if you weren’t stuck behind the computer editing your life away, RIGHT?

WHAT YOU CAN DO: If you’ve been thinking about outsourcing your editing, now especially during the slower season for a lot of photographers, might be a good time to try out something new like AI editing to see how you like it and how it works for you.

Now, I personally have very limited experience with AI because like I said, I’ve been outsourcing my editing for years and don’t have an immediate need to change our workflow and how we’re doing things.

But I did create an account and play around with it a little before this episode (with Imagen) and they have a free trial if you want to check it out. The draw back (and it’s really not a big one) is you need 3000 images of a specific style to train the AI. OR you can use templates provided by the AI which is kind of a cool feature.

2. More & More People Will Want Prints of Their Images (but not necessarily high quality ones)

Looking at the younger generation is usually a good place to start when talking about trends and what’s up and coming. More and more kids are using the old school polaroids and instant print cameras which I LOVE.

I actually bought one myself, a small cheap kind of crappy, if I’m honest, printer that prints cell phone photos on sticky paper I can put in my journal.

The world is loving digital but we so often crave something tangible. Which is why I see a demand in 2023 for prints.

With less and less of our lives being tangible and in the 3D these days, people want prints to have something tangible!

After living life on hard drives for the last 20 years, I think our generation and younger generations see the benefit of having something physical we can touch and hold.

So what does this mean for you as a photographer?

  • You could offer prints
  • You could include loose prints when clients spend over a certain amount or automatically include a small print (like a 5×7 or 4×6) of every one of their digital files they purchase
  • You could even give them a polaroid camera or simple photo book as a thank you gift.

Think outside the box with this one, but I think our clients are going to appreciate (in any capacity) having printed photos in 2023.

3. Use Video to Market as a Photographer in 2023

I’ve had something about video in my predictions the last couple of years, and that’s because ever since Facebook live and Periscope back in 2015 – video has been something consumers really want to – well – consume!

But… as photographers, should we really use VIDEO to market PHOTOS?

My simple answer is: it depends. For photographers who don’t want to offer video for their clients, it was a bit of a struggle to adapt to short form video last year right? But we all know platforms like Instagram and TikTok have been favoring videos in the algorithm really since 2020.

So, have you adapted or are you sticking with what’s worked well in the past?

For some photographers, they’ve tracked their numbers and their stats and they know photos out perform their video content. AWESOME. Stick with what the data tells you!

But I definitely think testing with different types of video will give your content a boost in the algorithm in 2023.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: What if you made it a part of your workflow to record yourself behind the scenes at a shoot? Maybe real time video or a time lapse. Could you attach your phone to your camera and take video automatically that way to do some behind the scenes or before and after?

There are lots of easy to get created and use video in 2023! At the end of last year, I simply recorded my computer screen flipping through a bunch of photos from my client’s session and tagged her in a reel with some music behind it. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

As in, intentionally making the subject of your photo blurry.

If you’re inside my certification for birth photographers, you know we spend a lot of time talking about how to nail focus and get super sharp images. After all – that’s what we’re doing with photography is freezing one moment in time, right?

Here’s the thing about rules in photography – they’re made to be broken.

It’s art right? It’s subjective. We have the rules, we learn them and then we break them.

I could see this trend of blurred motion subjects taking off with a few stipulations:

  1. I still have to know what the subject of the photo is
  2. The subject is moving or there is already movement to the photo
  3. I can still see and appreciate what’s happening in the photo with some blur.

I don’t know about this one y’all, I think this might be like the selective color trend in the early 2000s where we look back and go dang – what were we thinking?! But I also kinda sorta see the appeal – what do you think? Have you seen this trend? DM me on Instagram – I’d love your thoughts on this prediction.

5. There will be less room for middle-of-the-market pricing this year

I personally see the photographers thriving who either have a very low priced, high volume business set up or the ones who are premium, top-dollar photographers.

I think this year above other years is going to make it really hard for the middle-of-the-road-priced photographer to get and stay fully booked.

Impossible? No. but more challenging.

We sometimes call this “no man’s land” with photography pricing because it means that their prices are neither high enough to appeal to high-end clients willing to pay a premium for quality work, nor low enough to attract budget-conscious clients who are looking for the lowest price.

It can also make it hard for photographers to differentiate themselves from competitors, since their prices may be similar to those of other photographers in the same market.

So how do you avoid being in “no man’s land” with your pricing? A little market research helps for sure. With a clear, abundant mindset – dig into your competitors.

A little market research helps for sure. With a clear, abundant mindset – dig into your competitors.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Look up the ones you think are high end and the budget photographer too. What are they charging and what’s included in those prices? Are you kinds somewhere between the high end and the low end of the spectrum? If so then you’re probably in the “no man’s land” with your pricing.

You can easily get out of that middle market pricing by REALLY identifying your ideal client and advertising yourself in a way that makes you the no-brainer option for her.

If you need help with your marketing in 2023, make sure you join the waitlist for Marketing School for Photographers because we’re opening it up again just to the waitlist soon. This is my signature program that teaches you, step by step, how to execute my 7-Step Marketing System So You Can Go Full-Time.

6. Connecting In-Person will be the best way to make business-to-business connections as well as book more clients

I am EXCITED about this one you guys. After a super funky last couple of years, in-person meet ups and photography expos are BACK.

Listen, I love digital marketing. Strategies like email marketing, blogging, and social media are tried and true ways to meet people and book clients.

But there really is nothing like those face-to-face interactions and the trust it builds with your community when they see you and meet you in real life.

And I can already feel my introverts in the room being like, “Ohhh but Tavia … 2020 was a dream come true for me because I didn’t have to go anywhere or see anyone!” Ha! I totally get it, I am a home body for sure.

I will tell you though that meeting up in person with similar businesses or at events where your ideal client is already hanging out will get you WAY more bang for your buck in the time you spend doing that than online marketing activities.

Here’s a real life example for you – my husband and I were out doing our annual family planning meeting at the end of the year and this woman approached us and asked if we were there for the networking meeting. (Which is understandable that she thought that because we had papers and notebooks and pens all over the table).

We told her, “No, we weren’t,” but we got to talking and I found out her name was Toya and she makes custom creations, everything from a lighter to wedding decor.

Now. Let me ask you this. If I saw Toya’s IG post for the first time, do you think I’d remember that much about her? Absolutely not. But because she was a real person who I saw face to face, ONE TIME on accident, I already know so much more about her and trusted her a lot more.

Hopefully that example proves my point a little bit more – in person meet ups are so powerful for photographers! (And you better believe I told Toya I was a baby and birth photographer in the area)!

So friend – what do you say? Maybe 2023 is the year you find a birth workers meet up or photography get together or mommy meet up and meet some new people?!


As we head into 2023, these are the six predictions I have for photographers:

  • I think there will be a continued rise in AI image editing
  • More people printing their images
  • More and more use of video in marketing
  • Photographers will choose to intentionally blur their images
  • There will be less bookings for middle of the road priced photographers.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with any of my predictions? Let me know by DMing me on Instagram, I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for making it to the end of another episode, and remember my friend, if you have a passion – it’s not an accident. Not everyone loves the niche of photography that you love. Whatever your passion is, it’s there for a reason! So I hope that you’ll get out there and make it happen!

Have a great week!


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