3 steps to capture the “I did it” moment in birth photography

  1. Kerry says:

    My 2nd birth was on hands & knees. She ended up delivering in the toilet/shower cubicle on the floor. There were 2 midwives, her mum, myself & my client all crammed into this small space. I was fortunate to get photos of mum feeling bubs crowning, the most amazing photo of bubs coming out facing me & the midwives handing the baby through her legs to the mum, with chord still attached, these were shots I never thought I’d get for quite a few years. It was a shot I have seen other photographers get & hoped it would be me too that got this shot, I also privileged to cutting the chord after her mum had cut it. It is truly an honour & privilege to be able to capture the moments for them.
    My tip is to stay positive & do all the affirmations in this course as so many things really start to happen when you start believing. So much has started to happen for me in the last 8mths
    Thank you Tavia for sharing this wonderful course with us.

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