{Part 2} How to find clients who will pay your birth photography prices (part 2)

Let’s review the first 2 ways to find clients willing to pay your prices (re-read part 1, here):

  1. Ask yourself “Am I worth the money?” And analyze your brand.
  2. Give them something valuable, for free! 



3) To find clients willing to pay your prices, quit looking at the competition

Y’all, it’s a waste of valuable time.

Think about this, when you spend time looking through your competitor’s website or Facebook page do you feel better or worse about your own business? Fill your mind with positivity!

You shouldn’t be completely oblivious to what your competition is doing… but, you shouldn’t be looking at your competitor’s website weekly or daily. Put your head down and do your work! 🙂 Focus on serving YOUR client!

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4) To find clients willing to pay your prices, be consistent and be everywhere

You know what your competitors likely aren’t doing? Being consistent. *gasp* Yep, I said it! If you’re blogging regularly and posting on Facebook regularly, I guarantee you you’re light years ahead of your competition.

Be everywhere. “They” (marketing experts) say you have to be seen 7 times before someone will hire you.

So, your potential client googles “birth photographer,” and you’re there (that’s 1).

They walk into their doctor’s appointment and they see your business card (that’s 2).

Their friend used you for birth photos (that’s 3) etc.

I have a lot of mamas who follow me on social media or are on my e-mail list, and they’re not even pregnant yet. But they get my emails, they see my posts, and I’m on their mind. Guess who they’re going to think about when they get pregnant? 🙂 Yep, the photographer who pops up in their feed every week and sends them a helpful email newsletter every month. Be consistent with what you’re doing to market to these mamas!

If you take nothing else away from this blog post, I hope you’ll remember to please set a realistic marketing schedule for yourself (who is really going to keep up with posting on IG 2x/day?!) and be consistent with that schedule! I promise you, it will pay off.


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5) To find clients willing to pay your prices, speak to 1 mama. If you speak to everyone, you’re speaking to no one.

I had a lightbulb moment when I realized… there are tens of thousands of women giving birth in my city. How many do I need to book up my calendar? 20? 40? A tiny fraction of them. So get specific. Imagine one mama when you’re typing your blog posts, emails and social media content. Talk to HER! Not everyone out there is going to be your client, and THAT IS OK. Repeat after me, not everyone is my client 😉


Take action with this information! Grab a post-it, or open your “notes” app. What is your big take-away from this blog post? Write down at least 1 action step you can take right away to find clients willing to pay your prices!

Tell me your big take-away in the comments, and I would be honored if you shared this post with someone in your network!


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