Episode 12: Ask Me Anything!

  1. Christina Landini says:

    Hello!!! I found your YouTube channel a week ago and I am in love. I also just started your podcasts and also love them! I am a new photographer but would absolutely LOVE to do birth sessions and Fresh 48. I’m not sure if you ever take suggestions but I would love more info on how to use the speedlight during a birth! I know you discussed this a bit in one of your videos, but I would love more information on using a flash during a birth. How high do you put your flash? What are your favorite times to use a flash (only when it is dark)? What is your favorite speedlight? Why do you put that black thing over your speedlight? Again, I am new to photography and I am very much still learning my speedlight but this information would be so helpful specifically when it comes to birth photography!!! Thank you so much for educating us on birth photography 🙂

    • Tavia Redburn says:

      Hey Christina! Thanks so much for your kind words, I’m glad you’re loving all the free content we have out there to help birth photographers 🙂 It sounds like you might be ready to dive into our birth photography course and certification! You can find the information for that course here: http://www.thebeautyinbirth.net/tbibp-open – please reach out if you have any questions!


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