Episode 12: Ask Me Anything!


Most of the time on this podcast, we take a deep dive into a particular topic or guest. But you know what? Sometimes I prefer to learn RAPID FIRE about several topics all at one time.


Which is exactly what we are doing on today’s episode!


I’m answering YOUR questions about, how to market birth photography right now with COVID 19, tips for photographing your first homebirth, camera gear questions and I lay out my entire client workflow from inquiry to delivery. Ready? Let’s jump in!


Your questions I answer in this episode:

  • What is your exact HoneyBook workflow?
  • How we are transitioning to Asana
  • How would you recommend easing people into birth photography again after COVID-19? Do you think this will affect birth photography in the long run? What strategies have you put into place to keep people interested in birth photography?
  • What strategies have you put in place to keep people interested in birth photography?
  • Is it essential to have education/training in shooting a birth BEFORE your first birth? Should I invest money in the best equipment before even seeing how what I have already will perform?
  • Do you have tips for photographing homebirth vs hospital birth? I have my first one (HB) coming up any day and I’ve heard the atmosphere is much different and more sensitive. Things to do/not do?
  • When’s your next beauty in birth course opening?! 


Can I share something with y’all that isn’t quite ready yet? This is the first time I’ve said anything about this publicly which is always a little scary – but I can share with yall right? 🙂 Type yes in the comments if it’s ok with you if I share a little bit even if I don’t have everything all perfectly figured out! 


I don’t have all the details available to share with you yet… but basically we’re going to combine both our courses (TBIBP & FNBTFB), update both of them and re-open enrollment in late summer/early fall. If you’re already a student in one or both you’re going to be getting more details from me in the next 4-5 weeks so hang tight! This will also be open to the public if you’re not in either of the courses yet, so to get the info when it’s available join the waitlist at thebeautyinbirth.net/waitlist 🙂 


Thank you so much for joining me live friends! I’ll be back next week at the same time and so I’ll see you then! 


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  1. Christina Landini says:

    Hello!!! I found your YouTube channel a week ago and I am in love. I also just started your podcasts and also love them! I am a new photographer but would absolutely LOVE to do birth sessions and Fresh 48. I’m not sure if you ever take suggestions but I would love more info on how to use the speedlight during a birth! I know you discussed this a bit in one of your videos, but I would love more information on using a flash during a birth. How high do you put your flash? What are your favorite times to use a flash (only when it is dark)? What is your favorite speedlight? Why do you put that black thing over your speedlight? Again, I am new to photography and I am very much still learning my speedlight but this information would be so helpful specifically when it comes to birth photography!!! Thank you so much for educating us on birth photography 🙂

    • Tavia Redburn says:

      Hey Christina! Thanks so much for your kind words, I’m glad you’re loving all the free content we have out there to help birth photographers 🙂 It sounds like you might be ready to dive into our birth photography course and certification! You can find the information for that course here: http://www.thebeautyinbirth.net/tbibp-open – please reach out if you have any questions!


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