Episode 10: The Power of Consistency



“I know I’m ‘supposed’ to, but HOW can I stay consistent in marketing my photography business?” Ever wondered that?


It’s likely you already know how important being consistent is to your success! In fact, everything you were created to do is waiting for you on the other side of consistency in your business. 


Here’s just the truth y’all… Being consistent is HARD! Maybe you’ve asked yourself: How do I show up on social media consistently? How do I keep creating content for my blog and website as a mom entrepreneur and photographer?

You know what my friend, no one ever said growing a business would be easy. But, it is WORTH IT. If you’re ready to put your game face on & level up your business (whatever stage you’re in) by choosing to lean into the power of consistencytoday’s episode is for YOU sister!


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Consistency is the path to your success and everything you want. 


Consistency builds trust with your audience and potential clients.

It is the main difference between failure and success, it’s THAT important. 

I’m talking about consistency:

  • in your images
  • in your messaging/copy
  • in your overall brand
  • in how frequently you show up on social media
  • in the frequency that you blog or put out content 
  • in your marketing in general

The more consistent you are, the more people will trust and recommend you. It’s as simple as that! 


Consistency makes difficult things easy

Not just in business! Think about:

  • Dog Training
  • Parenting 
  • Photo editing
  • Writing!

It’s likely none of these are new concepts, right? You know why it’s important to be consistent but you still can’t seem to be consistently consistent? 


Can you relate to any of this? 

  • You post on social media every day for a week, then not again for an entire month. 
  • You write a blog post for your website and then not again for the rest of the year. 
  • You start a new program or course with the best of intentions, but fall off after lesson 2. 
  • You plan to do a 365 project and stop after day 5. 
  • You start a morning routine and stick to it for 12 days before stopping. 

Been there done that girlfriend! 


Why is it so hard to stay consistent? What can’t we be consistent? 

There are plenty of excuses!

  • “I don’t have time”
  • “I don’t know what to do/say”
  • I’d love to post on social media every day, but what the heck do I post/say that frequently? 
  • It’s hard! 
  • You lose the rush/buzz you get when you start something new! 
  • I’m afraid of what people will think
  • Perfectionism – If it’s not perfect, I don’t want to do it/post it.
  • I have unrealistic expectations about the frequency I should post, blog or show up online.


5 Ways to Stay Consistent in Your Business

#1 Choose 1 important thing to focus on

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24 hour days” Zig Ziglar

I know there are likely 10 things you want to be more consistent with in your business, but choose 1 to focus your attention and consistency on for now.


#2 Define “Consistent”

How frequently will you do this?

Let’s talk about social media, just because it’s easy for this example. Look back over the last month. How often have you posted on Facebook. If you’re like most, you posted in bursts of 1-3 posts then nothing for a week or so. What if you took the number of times you posted for the entire month (let’s say it was 8 times) and divided it out to post 2x/week? You know you can post 8 times a month, you just did it. Let’s start with consistently posting 2x/week! 

It doesn’t have to be daily, choose a frequency you’ll actually stick to. Consistency doesn’t = daily or whatever abstract frequency you’ve told yourself you “should” be posting. 


#3 Make the time

I could talk all day about productivity hacks and ways to get more done, but they all boil down to this: You make time for what matters to you. 

Whatever your “thing” is that you’re choosing to focus on, why is it important to you? Does having a morning routine ultimately mean you’re going to show up for your life in a better, more energetic, optimistic way? Then make time for that morning routine. It might mean you have to spend less time watching Netflix. It might mean you need to delete TikTok off your phone. It’s your life, not mine. Ultimately you have to decide which things in your life are going to take priority and why.

“But Tavia, But Tavia… “ I know, I know each of you have a snowflake situation where you’ve told yourself you REALLY don’t have the time. But I’ve had single moms go through my course who have had wild success. I was homeschooling my 3 kids, while my husband worked a full time job and I was running 2 businesses from home. We have military spouses with deployed husbands who are making the time to grow their businesses, or workout every day, or volunteer… because it’s important to them. So, get serious about what’s important to you and MAKE the time in your calendar. 

Set the time aside each day or week to get the tasks done for this. 


#4 Make it easy (Simplify)

Ask yourself, is there anything you can do to make this easier? 



#5 Pick yourself up if you get off track (we’re not looking for perfection here).

This is a lesson I’m personally always learning. I like to be really good at what I do, so if I can do it perfectly and literally every single day (or whatever schedule I set for myself) I just throw in the towel (I mean, if I missed xx days, what’s one more?) This “all or nothing” and “black and white” approach has majorly slowed down my progress in the past! The goal is NOT perfection, it’s progress! 


In order to be consistent and successful, we have to learn to love the process, not obsess over the outcome.

Every time there is a hiccup in your plan, or you miss a day or things don’t go perfectly, you’re still one step closer. You’re in the journey, you’re experiencing the process. When you learn to love the PROCESS, you’ll find yourself consistently consistent. 


After you choose your 1 thing, tag me on IG and tell me what you’re going to work on! I’d love to hear from you! Find me on Instagram: @_thebeautyinbirth_


If you know you want to specialize in birth photography, the next step is to join us inside of The Beauty in Birth Photography! 

Today is the last day before doors close!


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