Want To Book More Photography Clients? Make Sure To Do This On Your Website!

So, what do you think the most important page on your website is?

That is up for debate, but after working with hundreds of photographers, I can tell you the page they ask me the most about is their pricing page.

  • Should you put your full pricing on this page?
  • Should you include any numbers?
  • Should you just lure people in with pretty photos and get them on the phone to sell them on you and your services?
  • Or should you email them full pricing with a link to book and hope for the best?

Many different photographers and educators are saying a lot of different things on this topic so no wonder it feels confusing!

If you want to book more clients at higher prices, do not post your full pricing on your website for all to see, so that your potential clients have an opportunity to learn your unique style, process, and experience!

At Tavia Redburn Photography, we never include my full pricing on the website and haven’t for years. Listen, we photographers do NOT like being price shopped, right? When a potential client is gathering prices from all different photographers and making a decision mostly based on price, they haven’t had the opportunity to get to know you, your work, and your process.

You might be a great fit, and you might not – but honestly neither of you know because you didn’t give them an opportunity to find out.

You’re unique and different and special, so you just can’t be compared to other photographers! BUT when you include your pricing on your website, you’re just asking to be price shopped. Plus, it’s easier for you to adjust your prices as needed if you only give out that information when someone is actually interested in hiring you.

Reasons Why Photographers Want Pricing On Their Website

1. Talking about money feels awkward

It’s usually at this point, if you and I were talking in person, you might say something like…

“I feel awkward talking to my clients in real life or on the phone about pricing and money,”
“Honestly Tavia, I’m kinda insecure and unsure about my pricing, so if I put my pricing on my website we don’t even have to really talk about it, they just know.”

And I totally understand all of that because I’ve totally been there myself as a Christian girl growing up in the south, I quickly learned it wasn’t polite to talk about money.

But the thing I had to learn and I hope you start to see too: where do you think your business will be in 12 months if you keep letting yourself feel awkward talking about money? Do you think you’ll thrive and be abundant and book high paying clients if you can’t bring yourself to be confident in what you’re charging enough to say the prices out loud to your clients? Probably not.

If you don’t believe you are worth what you’re charging, your clients won’t believe you’re worth it either.

When you can do the work to confidently state your prices and KNOW you’re worth that price (or MORE), it will start to become SO much easier to talk about money and pricing with your clients instead of skirting the issue by putting it on your website or emailing them a pdf.

2. People might want to know the pricing upfront

Maybe you’re actually comfortable talking about money, but you think that people just want the prices! You might say, “Well, I know when I’m searching for a service, I want to know the price upfront.” And if that is you, YES, I agree. I want to know the price of something upfront too.

But by saying that, we are implying we are our own ideal client and we all know, for most of us, that isn’t true.

WE are not our own ideal clients.

And that is so important to remember that when it comes to pricing and presenting pricing. While you or I might want to know the price upfront, your ideal client might not need to know the price upfront. Price might be a secondary factor to them in choosing a photographer.

What if they’re looking for someone to just handle everything? What if they’re looking for someone to take their reigns and they’re willing to pay good money for that?

Imagining yourself as the ideal client is hands down one of the biggest mistakes photographers make, especially those who are serving high end or luxury clients.

What Should You Do With Your Pricing Then?

So if you’re ready to stop giving full pricing immediately – here are some next steps for you!

1. Remove full pricing from your website and give them a chance to inquire

Set up a way for your clients to schedule a free consult or phone call to discuss what they’re looking for, and allow you to share more about the experience.

2. Show them your starting price

Some of you might be in this place where you’re thinking, “Okay, but I don’t want to waste my time on consultations if they can’t afford me,” which I totally get because I’ve been there myself.
This is where the starting price on your website can help a lot because most people at least have a ballpark idea of what they’re going to spend.

Put It To The Test!

If I still haven’t convinced you then I challenge you to test me! Try putting your full pricing, a starting price, and no price to see how many more of your inquiries you book.

If you’re going to do this, you have to do it right! You can’t just go with your gut feeling here. Set specific parameters (you can start by testing this every 30 days), then track the numbers each month to know exactly which method worked!

It might seem scary to make a change like this, especially if you’ve been doing it the same way for a while. But if it’s working for you, don’t change it. And if it’s NOT working for you, why WOULDN’T you change it?

Do you want to continue this pricing conversation? Come to my Facebook group with over 5,000 other photographers to ask your questions or share your thoughts!


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