The Reasons You’re Getting Ghosted By Inquiries (And How to Fix It)

  1. Katie says:

    I LOVE this post and went through the entire thing. I feel like so many guides and places I’ve seen with this info is still fluff. I love your 9 points. I have a few follow up questions if you have the time!

    1) Do you have any proven CTA’s that work when you’re giving clients that clear one action to take? Have you found the action or a few that typically work to encourage action and result in less ghosting?

    2) How can you show value? I’ve heard this said so many times over the years. How can you clearly communicate value without sending a long email like you mentioned in the post.

    3) What first response can you send that: isn’t too long, gets personal so they get to know you and feel connected, doesn’t send pricing too soon, and encourages them to take action and respond? Aka is there perfect formula haha

    If you have a guide I missed will totally invest in that too!

    Thanks for all of your insight

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