Episode 8: 10 Daily Habits That Lead Me to $10K Months


 The DAILY habits you have, good or bad, turn into what you do with your life. Our daily habits form who we are as moms and business owners. 


What are the daily habits of successful people? What daily habits do I need to grow my business? What kind of daily routine should I create and how can I actually stick with it? Those are all the questions I asked myself years ago when I was forming my daily habits and daily routine.


So, in this episode we’re going to learn how to use these 10 daily habits to hit your next business goal! Whether that’s hitting your first (or next) $10k month, filling your calendar with ideal clients or retiring your spouse from his 9-5 – these 10 daily habits lead me to $10k months in my business!


Most creative mom entrepreneurs struggle with creating a consistent routine and daily habits. And if I’m being honest, being consistent with the right actions is the BEST thing I did for my business. Once I was consistent with these daily habits, my businesses really started to take off!


A word about daily habits: they don’t literally happen every day. When I say every day, I mean most days. 


10 Daily Habits that Lead Me to $10k months


1. Getting up early

I do my best thinking early in the morning, with a cup of coffee when everyone else is still asleep. Sometimes this means 5am, sometimes it means 7am. I know the habit of getting up early sets my day up for success, which sets my week up for success. 

What does this mean for you? Especially if you do better thinking at night when everyone has gone to sleep? Dude, work when everyone has gone to sleep! If getting up early sounds terrible, don’t do it! The key is to figure out when YOU work best and what will set your days up for success.

Even if you don’t want to get up early enough to work, what about just getting up early enough to sit quietly with coffee and a book or to scroll social media before the kids are up asking you for things?

When my kids were little, the WORST possible way for me to start my day was with them tapping on my arm to ask me for something. I knew that about myself, so I fixed it. How about you? 


2. Writing down 5 things I’m thankful for and my 10 goals.

This is one I preach HARD to my students because it’s made a really big difference in my life. I’ve been doing this since around 2016, and while I don’t perfectly do it every single day, I do it most days.

When I take about 10 minutes to write down 5 things I’m grateful for AND my 10 goals, it allows me to simultaneously be grateful and content for what I currently have, while looking ahead to what I’d like to see happen in the future. Y’all know I love the enneagram, and I’m a 3 which is achiever. The achiever is almost always looking ahead to the next goal, the next task, the next milestone. It’s very important for my mental health to always look around at what I currently have a sit in gratitude for that each day.

Oprah Winfrey said, “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” I have this written on my vision board in my closet to remind me of this every single day.


3. Make my bed

This one might seem a little silly, but when I was thinking about the things I do every day – this definitely came to mind! 

I never used to make my bed! 

Now it makes me so happy.

It’s like starting off my day on the right foot.


4. Read my Bible every day.

Even if it’s just the verse of the day on the YouVersion Bible app. 

It focuses me on what matters


5. Strive for consistency, not perfection 

Show up!

Consistency doesn’t mean posting/sharing something every single day. It can be 1 time a week! 

I used to think being consistently consistent meant I had to be perfect.  But it’s just not true. I can be consistent, miss a day or a week or a month and pick up again! It’s when we are paralyzed trying to be perfect that we procrastinate. 

Consistency is the main thing I see my students struggling with and I know if you can become more consistent you’ll hit your goals faster. 


6. Creating a clear plan of action for each work day (Write down my big 3 each day) 

I learned this from my mentor, James Wedmore.

Writing down my yearly goal, quarterly goal, big 3 for the week, then day. 

I’m running 2 businesses full time & have a team of 7 including myself and contractors  + husband and kids…  so it’s pivotal that I make the most out of my working hours. I know this is important for you too!


7. Practicing Sabbath 

Why does it matter: Working MORE and working harder and hustling non-stop does NOT = success.

Otherwise, EVERYONE that hustled would be successful and everyone that’s successful would be hustling non-stop. And I’m sure you can think of a someone who is successful who works 30 hours a week, or takes Fridays off, or maybe someone who is successful and barely works 20 hours a week.

So, if success doesn’t come from constant hustle, that means I am allowed *and you are allowed* to REST and TRUST that everything is working in my favor.


8. Exercise 

I don’t mean killing myself at the gym, but just moving. Walking. Elliptical. Biking. While listening to a podcast. Getting my heart rate up without dripping sweat. Sometimes I crave those tough workouts but most of the time I like to just move. It gives me sunlight, perspective and energy. 

This likely isn’t a newsflash to you, but it’s definitely something I attribute to having the energy and motivation and inspiration to hit my goals and hit those $10k months. 


9. Listen to Music 

I don’t know if this is common or not, but music is really big in my house.


We listen to upbeat worship music in the mornings, in the evenings we have another play list we listen to while the kids ride their bikes up and down the street or jump on the trampoline.

And, of course, I have multiple workout playlists too. Music is a daily occurrence in our house and it’s really good for my mental health to sing, dance and relax… all to the soundtrack of my Spotify playlists.

  • Morning Music
  • Evening Music 
  • Workout Music 


10. Block Social Media on my work computer

(And I don’t keep the FB app on my phone)

This keeps me focused.

Focus is absolutely how I hit my goals! Trying to multi-task or let myself get distracted takes me twice as long to do the same task. If I power down social and literally block myself from getting on, I get SO much more work done. 

So, if you have a social media addiction like most of the world, I highly encourage you to try this! 

I have a Chrome extension that blocks FB during working hours Mon-Fri. 

I also do not keep the FB app on my cell phone anymore.


What’s your biggest takeaway?

I hope this episode inspired you and motivated you to look past trying to be perfect, but to take baby steps to create better daily habits because what you do every day turns into what you do with your life! 


I’d love to hear your biggest takeaway from this episode – what are you going to start implementing! Shoot me a DM or tag me on IG – I’d love to hear from you! @_thebeautyinbirth_


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  1. Bill Aycock says:

    Soooooooo much great advice here. What extension are you using to block FB in Chrome? Also, how do you handle working on FB, (checking/replying to messages to your business page, scheduling post, etc.)?

    • Tavia Redburn says:

      Hey Bill, thanks so much! I’m using a Chrome extension called “Website Blocker (Beta).” It’s pretty basic, but it’s free and it gets the job done!

      As far as working on FB, I have designated times during the day I or someone on my team checks FB messages and a different time of of the week when I schedule all posts for social media. I time block my days, so Monday and Tuesday are client days, Wednesday is Content (podcast, social media, etc), Thursday is Product Development and Friday is payroll, finance and admin. Hope this helps! 🙂

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