Episode 8: 10 Daily Habits That Lead Me to $10K Months

  1. Bill Aycock says:

    Soooooooo much great advice here. What extension are you using to block FB in Chrome? Also, how do you handle working on FB, (checking/replying to messages to your business page, scheduling post, etc.)?

    • Tavia Redburn says:

      Hey Bill, thanks so much! I’m using a Chrome extension called “Website Blocker (Beta).” It’s pretty basic, but it’s free and it gets the job done!

      As far as working on FB, I have designated times during the day I or someone on my team checks FB messages and a different time of of the week when I schedule all posts for social media. I time block my days, so Monday and Tuesday are client days, Wednesday is Content (podcast, social media, etc), Thursday is Product Development and Friday is payroll, finance and admin. Hope this helps! 🙂

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