Episode 6: Top 5 Tools I Use to Hit $10K Months


In today’s episode I am sharing my top 5 favorite business tools I use to hit $10k months. I not only use these tools just about every day in my business, they’re the tools I know save me time, save me money and help me stay organized! As a mom and a creative entrepreneur – you and I both know how important those things are! 


So, if you’re wondering, ‘”How do I choose a client management software?” or “What do I really need in my business to hit $10k months?” this episode is for you!



What is Honeybook? 

It’s an online client management platform specifically for creative entrepreneurs. 

HB keeps my entire client workflow from inquiry through product delivery in 1 place. Invoices, contact form, email templates, contracts, workflows… they’ve even recently added the option to offer gift cards and scheduling through the platform. 

I know there are a LOT of CRM options out there and it can be super overwhelming trying to chose one and get it up and running. I don’t think you’ll ever find the “perfect” one, I know I never did! I recommend determining what’s MOST important for you with a CRM and choosing one that has that. I don’t think you’ll ever find one that has every single thing you want. 


Why did I choose Honeybook?

Honestly, as a leader of TuesdaysTogether, they gave it to me for free back in the day (like 2016). I never really used it, switched over to 17hats, then back to HB.

I switched back because I liked HB’s interface better, it seemed more user friendly and I really love that I could set up automatic payments for my birth clients.

Customer service is really good and honestly I look at HB as pioneers in the creative entrepreneur space. When COVID-19 hit, they were on the ball providing resources and support for their clients and small businesses so I love supporting that too.


How did Honeybook help me hit $10k months? 

  • It saves me time with automation.
  • Communication is all in one place.
  • Makes it easier to get paid using invoices!
  • It brands me as a professional.
  • The pipelines help me streamline my workflow.




What is Planoly?

It’s a scheduler for Instagram (they also do Pinterest, but I don’t use it for that.) 

They have both a desktop version or app for your phone.


Why do I love Planoly?

  • I can drag/drop photos in the scheduler grid so I can see what they’ll look like before I schedule them. 
  • You can directly with a business account (paid version allows you to automatically post hashtags in the first comment too.) 
  • It’s mostly free!


How did it help me hit $10k months?

  • I don’t post in real time = better quality family time + saving me time by batching my posts
  • Helps me stay consistent 


Acuity Scheduling


What is Acuity? 

Basically it’s an online calendar that allows my clients to schedule their appointments without me having to be involved.


Why Do I love Acuity? 

  • I can send clients a link to book birth consultations, newborn sessions, ordering appointments, mini sessions… just about anything. 
  • I can block off when I do or do not want to accept certain appointment types,it automatically blocks off other appointments and family time. I set all that up in the beginning, so now I can just send them the link and they can see when I’m available and book a spot. 
  • Automatic reminder emails that I can customize.
  • I joke with my friends when we’re doing the whole “what day works for you” to figure out when to grab dinner that I’m just going to start sending them my calendar to book a time to hang out! HA! 

How did it help me hit $10k months? 

Acuity saves me a ton of time going back and forth with clients to arrange session and meeting times! 




What is ConvertKit? 

It’s an email service provider, so basically when someone joins my email list, they go into the Convertkit database. 

If you’re a student of mine, or you’ve been following me for any length of time, you likely know how important I think email lists are to small businesses, especially photographers.

You own your email list. You don’t own social media, but you do own your email list.

It’s a personal way to connect with people when you’re landing in their inbox.

Why do I love ConvertKit? 

  • Easy to use 
  • Tagging Features
  • Customer Service is rad!
  • New landing pages 

How did ConvertKit help me hit $10k months? 

It helped me start, grow and build my email list!!




What is ShowIt?

A website Platform! 

Why do I love Show it?

Ease of use, it’s like Photoshop. I can make my pages look exactly like I visualize.

They of course have free and paid templates if you don’t want to start completely from scratch.

How did Show It help me hit $10k months? 

It used to take me so long to make my website pages like I wanted – again, the theme of saving TIME keeps popping up! 

Being able to make my website function and perform like I want easily has been really pivotal for the growth and success of my businesses.


Honorable Mentions 

The graphic designers might hate me, but… Canva! I love it!


Zoom– I used to only use this for my online business to do coaching with my students, but lately because of COVID-19, we’ve been using it for birth consultations and ordering appointments too.  


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