2X Your Income Without Taking More Clients or Raising Your Prices

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In 2016, when my business was staying consistently booked with birth clients, I invested in an online course to teach me how to create an online course (so meta right, ha!)

After that, I doubled my overall revenue with my online course. It’s been rewarding for me to help other photographers, teach things I LOVE talking about and BONUS have the extra income. SO I wanted to share my course creation journey if any of you have ever considered creating a passive income product.

The passive income that comes from owning your own digital course can be seriously life changing! After you listen to this episode, if you want more info on what you could create a course about or how to promote it, my mentor Amy Porterfield has a free quiz that will help point you in the right direction called “Whats your personal path to creating a profitable digital course” and y’all this quiz is legit, it basically gives you a mini course customized to your results, so to check out that quiz go to www.taviaredburn.com/quiz

Here’s something I want to be super clear on, being known for something specific has hands down been what’s helped me grow my business to six figures.


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