I know that not all of you are birth photographers, but if you are capturing once in a lifetime moments like weddings or newborns or birth, a lot of the advice that I’m going to share here today will help you as well. Obviously birth photography is unique. The date and time of the birth […]


August 29, 2023

Must-Have Gear for Every Birth Photographer

We have a treat for you birth photographers or those who are interested in birth photography: I’m going to take you behind the scenes with some of our students inside of our coaching calls for The Beauty in Birth® Photography Course and Certification! We’re going to talk about things like what to do if the […]


August 14, 2023

The Art of Birth Photography: Tips, Tricks, and Essential Advice

We’ve kind of been on a little bit of a pricing kick the last few episodes, so it’s almost turned into a little series of different pricing things because when I talk to you guys, when I dig into our Facebook group, whenever I look at our DMs with each other, I realize that pricing […]


August 7, 2023

How to Attract Luxury Clients in Photography

Hi friends, welcome to another episode of From Better Half to Boss. I have something special in store for you today. I am bringing to you a live training that I did in my free Facebook group called The Beauty in Birth: A Community for Birth Photographers. And it’s not just birth photographers, so if […]


July 31, 2023

Tips to Improve your Money Mindset (So You Can Book More Photography Clients)

Pricing Mistake Photographers Make with Their Cost of Doing Business It’s no secret that determining the right price can be challenging for many of us, and sometimes, it can feel like we’re just making a wild guess. So, why do we find pricing so hard? A lot of photographers don’t really have a lot of […]


July 10, 2023

How to Price Your Photography Packages

You know that feeling of like “Man I need to post something today but I don’t know what I want to say!” That’s how I felt before recording this episode. So, I went to the list of questions we get from students and I saw the dozens of website reviews we’ve done for them over […]


July 4, 2023

Top 10 Photography Website Mistakes (& How to Fix Them!)

Honestly, one of the best ways I was found my new audiences as a newer photographer was through the SEO strategy I’m going to share with you today and I have no doubt that’s what eventually led me to going full time with photography. Because photographing friends and family is nice, but of course in […]


June 26, 2023

Master SEO: How to Show Up on Google as a Photographer!

If you feel like you’re posting to the same seven people over and over and you can’t get your account to GROW with the right followers – it might be because you’re not posting reels OR you’re not posting the right reels. In my experience, reels are the best way to reach new audiences. In […]


June 19, 2023

Best Ways Use Instagram Reels to Attract the RIGHT Followers

How to Spend Your Time Wisely When Working on Marketing Here’s what I see struggling photographers do with their time when it comes to creating content and when it comes to marketing in general: they kind of block out a certain amount of time that they’re going to work on marketing, they sit down and […]


June 13, 2023

How to Book More Photography Clients with Your Content

My Personal 2-Month Instagram Challenge I shared on Instagram stories at the beginning of May that I was committing to posting 2 times a day on Instagram. Now, let me tell you, there is something about telling people that you’re going to do something and asking them to hold you accountable, that really helps you […]


June 5, 2023

What’s Working Now on Social Media

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