Learn how you can consistently get fully booked...

without photographing weddings

without changing up your entire business model

 without discounting 

and become a sought-after photographer

(it's more achievable than you think)!


Good thing that's exactly what we're talking about on this free training!

It's about reaching the RIGHT people

It's not about reaching a lot of people

Marketing your photography business doesn't have to take up all your time!

While everyone else
chases clients,
you’ll build a magnetizing brand
that draws clients in.

Make your services irresistible, attracting ideal clients who are more than willing to pay your rates.

Build a client base that keeps your calendar filled for months—hint: it's not just about being a good photographer.

In just 1 hour, I will show you how to... 


Implement the #1 game-changer in my business strategy, which made $10k months a reality and not just a dream for my Photography Business.

Craft a winning social media strategy that actually works to bring in dream clients.

Uncover the 3 big mistakes you’re making with your inquiries that’s keeping them from booking with you. I’ll even walk you through a precise process that will convert your community interactions into solid bookings.

Stay 'till the End & Get 25 Instagram Reels Templates for Photographers (totally free!)

When you attend the training, you'll also get 25 Instagram Reels Templates, which will guide you through creating 25 reels so you can stand out on social! 

I'll drop the link to download at the end of the training (only available to those who stay until the end)


Trust me, I know the challenges moms face when building a photography business and raising young kids! 

In fact, I was homeschooling my 3 kids and running a full time photography business when I was able to retire my husband from his full time job. 

I will teach you a marketing system that WORKS so you can follow your passions while also have time with your kids and family!

I'm Tavia! I retired my husband from his 9-5 with my photography business.


- Ashley mcclintock
newborn photographer

I'm telling you right now this system works for any photography business! Just do the work!"

"I'm making over $10,000 consistently every month and I have so much freedom in my life!

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